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Dr. Gupta's Dental Centre & Implant Institute


Welcome to an internationally acclaimed practice!

Dr. Gupta’s Dental Center is dedicated to providing the best and finest ethical care in the science and art of dentistry, allowing patients the opportunity to make informed choices regarding treatment that is most appropriate for each individual.

We believe that oral health is pivotal to general health and well being, and strive to enhance the well being and quality of life for our patients through the prevention and treatment of oral and dental disease.

Providing immaculate service to every patient through outstanding service and trust by a competent and exceptional team.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide the best-in-class dental experience by pioneering latest dental techniques and services in India.

Our Team

Dr. Gopal K. Gupta is a leading Dental practitioner proficient in all aspects of dentistry. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry (veneers, crowns, and bridges), dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Gupta has been doing implants for the last 25 years and has a very high success rate. He offers 5 years of guarantee to all his patients for implants that are placed and restored by him. This is a clear demonstration of his expertise and confidence in his ability. Dr. Gupta has placed and restored more than 18000 implants till date. See "Our Services" and "Latest Technology" for all available implant types and services.

Dr. Rekha Gupta has been in private practice at Delhi running a very high end practice. She has a special interest in endodontics (root canal treatment), cosmetic dentistry, laminates, crown & bridges, and preventive dentistry. She is excellent in handling children and manages the pediatric patients as per international standards. She has traveled widely in India and abroad to attend continuing education workshops and symposiums. She has an excellent clinical acumen and takes keen interest in the comprehensive treatment of her patients.

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Dr. Ankur Aggarwal is an Orthodontic Specialist. He has an MDS in Orthodontics from Bapuji Dental College, Dhawangiri. He is an Associate Professor at DJ Dental College, Modinagar. 

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Dr. Gargi Bhatia is a young and dynamic periodontist serving in Delhi.
She specializes in treating many dental illnesses especially gum problems like bleeding and sensitivity, along with expertise in laser treatment. 
She had done her MDS in Periodontics from Pandit BD Sharma University, Rohtak. She has a lot of passion for her profession and compassion for her. Her expertise in her field is par excellence.

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Our team of dental hygienists and assistants are trained with rigor and care. They have the best bedside manners to make patients feel welcome and comfortable while assisting. 

Our Clinic

Support Staff

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