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Dr. Gupta's

Dental Centre

& Implant Institute

Welcome to a world class experience!

Why Choose Us


Keep Up to Date with Your Dental Hygiene

It is imperative to visit your dentist every six months for optimal dental hygiene. We use the latest techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A World Class Team

Dr. Gupta is a highly qualified and experienced dental trauma surgeon and specializes in fractures of orofacial region, treatment of cysts and tumors of jaws, and reconstructive surgery of jaw (post-accident).

Enhance Your Smile

We offer multiple services in cosmetic dentistry including but not limited to teeth whitening, veneers and laser. Read more.

The Latest in Dental Technology

From dental lasers to CBCT, we employ the use of cutting-edge, globally recognized technology to compliment our training and technique. Read more.

Our Team


Dr. G. K. Gupta


Certified Faculty, Frankfurt University

Dr. Gopal K. Gupta is a leading dental practitioner proficient in all aspects of dentistry. He specializes in cosmetic dentistry (veneers, crowns, and bridges), dental implants and full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Gupta has been doing implants for over 25 years with a very high success rate. Dr. Gupta has placed and restored more than 18,000 implants for both Indian and international patients.


Dr. Rekha Gupta


Dr. Rekha Gupta has been running a very high end private practice. She has a special interest in endodontics (Root Canal treatment), cosmetic treatment, laminates, crown & bridge, and preventive dentistry. Dr. Gupta is excellent in handling children and manages the pediatric patients as per the international standards.


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Surender Gill, New Delhi

I had permanent implants done at Dr. Gupta’s. This also involved several RCTs. My experience during this procedure has been excellent. Dr. Gupta and his staff are extremely professional and helpful. I was made to feel comfortable, given all relevant information and the treatment was not painful. The surgery was clean and Dr. Gupta used all the latest equipment. Dr. Rekha Gupta was extremely professional in undertaking the RCTs which were done with little pain and discomfort.

I am extremely happy with my treatment and the end result. I thank Dr. Gupta and all his staff for their professionalism and efficiency. I would recommend Dr. Gupta to anyone.

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