Mr. S.C. Basra

First it was unbelievable that Titanium plugs can be fitted in the jaws bones. Dr. G. K. Gupta explained in details, I also read in some, magazines. After that I decided to go for implants but the cost was a major hurdle- but I decided in favor of implants to spend Rs 4 lakhs at long time then to spend that much money on dentures etc. over a period of 15 yrs. keeping in mind the life of implants being 15 years.

Initially implants were done in my lower jaw. But the experience was quite painful. The whole thing lasted 4 hours and there was too much bleeding during and after the implants. The bleeding went on for another 10—12 hours was feeling as under went some major operation.

For the upper jaw Dr. G.K. Gupta suggested implant with new method – Noble guide. He explained to me right from C.T. scan, Reading the C.T. scan with the special software then about the Noble guide which I got made from some other country. The method seems to be very sophisticated procedure, when the thickness, length, height of implant decided by with the help of the complete.

The experience of getting the implant done with noble guide was great never though it is going to so easy, without pain during after the implant. Moreover no bleeding. The cost of implants with Noble Guide is high but it comfort level is much more. Moreover denture is fitted the same day without loosing any time. One can resume his work the next day in the morning.

Lots of thanks to Dr. G.K. Gupta and his team.

Mr. S.C. Basra

Mrs. Renate Ramchandani

This clinic is very excellent. My name is Renate Ramchandani and I am from Germany. I never have seen such good service and such nice Doctor. Not even in Spain or in Germany. I can say to all people to come to Dr. Gupta’s Dental centre and I will give him a big no.1

P.S. Thank you for such a good treatment.


Reeta Syali

I was referred by Dr.Rajiv Bhagat of Ontario, California, USA to Dr. Gupta. Once having met Dr. Gupta, I felt very assured and confident and under went the treatment with him. If was an excellent experience to visit his clinic and the staff was most courteous. Dr. GUPTA did a painless extraction and implants. I will very strongly recommend Dr. Gupta’s clinic for all the dental needs. It was indeed a pleasure to visit the clinic.

Reeta Syali
19615, Harvest Ave
Carritos, California 90703

Mr. Surender Gill

I had permanent Implants done at Dr. Gupta’s Surgery. This also involved several RCT’s my experience during this procedure has been excellent.Dr. Gupta and his staff are extremely professional and helpful. I was made to feel comfortable, given all relevant information and the treatment was not painful. The surgery is clean and Dr. Gupta uses all the latest equipment on his patient. Dr. Gupta’s wife was extremely professional in undertaking the RCTS which were done with little pain and discomfort.

I am extremely happy with my treatment and the end result. I thank Dr. Gupta and all his staff for their professionalism and efficiency. I would recommend Dr. Gupta to anyone.

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